August 23rd, 2011

this blog is about to relocate. meanwhile, garden photos.

we're migrating the SR livejournal over to wordpress. i don't have it ready enough to post the address yet, but you are hereby warned! in the next month or so, we will move this journal. LJ is just too ad-ridden and spammy these days, and no longer the community hot-spot that it was four years ago when it made sense to blog here as a community. i'm keeping my personal LJ, this one, but sunflowerriver is on the move. not this week, but soon. as it will be a wordpress blog, it will be easier to read from an RSS reader.

meanwhile, here is our new photo site:

there's a bunch of stuff over there that i did not post here just now. i believe you can add flickr updates to your RSS, those of you that use those. i'll continue to make photo posts for SR, on the new site, and then link them back here and on facebook, as soon as we get it moved. Flickr is getting regular updates meanwhile, as i photograph stuff. if you're on flickr, feel free to add us!


for today: radiance in the garden.
August 167

best recent comment on the garden: "it's so Alice in Wonderland." it really is. the corn is 12' tall, the sunflowers even taller, beans to the top of both and interwoven crazily everywhere in a wild maze of spiderwebs, hanging cucumbers, bean flowers and deep heart-shaped leaves.

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