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Sunflower River
photo update 
12th-Sep-2011 03:22 pm
setting sun
Tatter-kitty in the twilight:
twilight cat

we did more work on the wall this weekend. first, re-construction, resulting in this:


then, Ryan limewashed all the exposed bags, and threw a few batches of plaster to round out the day's work. here he is, throwing plaster in a blur of motion as the sun sinks:

in the morning, that all turned out to look like this:

i'm really happy to have those gaps patched up.

and last night i spotted our two known toads in the herb garden. first the baby toad:

and the parent toad:

these two are responsible for keeping our night-roaming insect population down to something manageable; we have seen almost no cockroaches this year, thanks to these stalwart eaters of nocturnal insects. i love toads.
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