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That amazing autumn light, for which New Mexico is justifiably famous:

tending towards autumn

in the goat pen

loose in the field
in the field

handsome fellas, showing off

the next door house that we still hope to buy (seen from the west, looking at the back of the house from its attached field, which adjoins our barnyard)

what are you looking at?
what are you looking at?

soon to become a delicious plate of coq a vin, and cease perpetrating barnyard violence:
who, me?

truculent rooster
truculent rooster

loose in the garden
turkeys in paradise

summer, setting.
Sunrise through Grandmother Cottonwood

autumn sunlight

and winter arriving. Sandhill Cranes arriving here in the south, where they overwinter.



inky cap mushrooms popped up all over the garden this year, in the herb bed and the dye beds (appropriately enough)

last echinacea flower of the year

and the first frost rimes a globe mallow.

and some bindweed

and a frosted feather, autumn harvest in more than one sense.

my annual leaf photo (i LOVE our cottonwoods!)

kitty in the leaves

the Witches' Ball and sundry Samhain activities finally being over, we returned to farmwork this weekend, and wow did that feel good. we opened up a cured compost bin, so as to close the summer bin. that one will rot for a full year now with no new materials added. the cured bin had sat for a year, and became deep dark rich dirt, good stuff. it has now top-dressed every orchard tree and berry on the property, with some left over for the main garden.

sunday we had a wonderful work party, canning all the fruit we had cooked and frozen in late summer. we put up pear sauce, apple sauce, canned apples and strawberry jam. we had to get it all out of the freezer, 'cause we're processing turkeys this weekend and there has to be room!

since the sun sets absurdly early now that we're back on standard time, we worked into the deep darkness. i think it was around 8:30pm when we pulled the last batch out of the canner.
nightime canning

this shot doesn't show the last two batches (another 14 jars). we put up a total of 61 jars of food yesterday!
apples and pears and strawberries, oh my

AND, while all that was going on, Jenny finished building and installing the pump house shelves!
installing shelves

these shelves were destined to hold all the canned goods, and have immediately begun to fulfill their destiny.
the shelves are in

at the end of the night:
pump house shelves

and from the other angle
pump house shelves

isn't that pretty?

and one last shot of those wonderful sandhill cranes, whose call falls like water across the land all winter.
sandhill cranes
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